vulcanized fiber tube

Vulcanized Fiber Tubes or Vulcanised Fibre Tubes or Arc Extinguishing Tubes

Description:Vulcanised fibre (fish paper) tubing is produced from a cotton rag base paper. This is a dense material of partially regenerated cellulose in which the fibre structure is retained

Application:Used widely for electrical fuses, where the quenching and insulating properties of the vulcanized fiber core and high strength. Commonly used in “cut-out” fuses,arc extinguishing,Fuses,circuit breaker etc.

Size:ID*OD Wall Thickness Color:Grey,Red 
Can produce various Size or Color according per customer’s requirements. 

ONLY TEST VALUE 12.7mm ID x 19.05mm OD 

Vulcanized Fiber TubeASTM TestMethodRated Value
DensityD 6191.42g/cm3
Tensile Strength.850Kg/CM
Compressive Strength (axial)D 69535000psi
Dielectric Strength.30KV
Impact StrengthD-2563.0 Ft lbs/in
Arc ResistanceD 495More than 95sec
Water Absorption (%, 24 hrs)D 57050%
Ash Content.1.2%
Zinc Chloride Content.0.04% Min0.07% Max
Thermal ExpansionD 6961.6