Dried Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are often more flavorful than their fresh counterparts because as moisture evaporates from the mushrooms, their flavors is condensed in the same way that a sun-dried tomatoes flavorIs. Dried mushrooms have a condensed flavor combined with the convenience of a long shelve life. Dried mushrooms are ready to come out of the cupboard and in to all kinds dishes in a matter of minutes. Soups, pastas, risottos, stir-fry, as a side dish, and in just about anything.

Wild Mushrooms

Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are a delicious addition to many dishes, when preparing them remember to remove any stems if presents because they can be fibrous and tough.

 Dried Shiitake Mushroom

Dried Shiitake Mushroom

Sliced dried Shiitake mushrooms, are often called wild mushrooms, although they are only found cultivated. Dried shiitake caps are dark brown on top, with tan gills underneath.

Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms are Funnel Shaped Mushrooms. They bear a slight resemblance to "Horn of Plenty", but are smaller, brownish-gray in color rather than black, and have a compressed stem.

AD Dried Tea Color Floral Shiitake Mushroom

Dry White Flower Mushroom

Dried White Flower Mushrooms

Mushroom Chips

These mushroom chips just might become your new favorite way to eat mushrooms. Whole shiitake mushroom buttons are cooked like potato chips. A crunchy and amazing snack.

Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms

Woodear mushrooms (Auricularia Polytricha) are thought to look like ears growing out of trees, hence the name. The woodear has a firm skin with a slightly crunchy texture and an earthy flavor.

When buying dried mushrooms keep in mind that fresh mushrooms are 75% water. This accounts for the higher price of these flavorful and convenient dried mushrooms, keep in mind that a dry ounce of mushrooms is quite a few mushrooms! In fact, in many Asian cultures dried mushrooms are so renowned that they are actually preferred to their fresh counterparts.

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