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Dried Black Fungus/Dried Wood Ear Mushrooms Ideal Natural Food and Multi-Functional Food.  Nature and Health!

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Packaging Details: For Dried Black Fungus 0.2kg/Bag,0.5kg/Bag,1kg/Bag,as Requirement
Nutrient  Content
Dietary Fiber 35.4 g
Protein 14.3 g
  • The Chinese have long regarded these mushrooms to be instrumental in preventing heart disease and beneficial for other health reasons. Sometimes referred to as Cloud Ear, Tree Ear or Dry Black Fungus, these mushrooms grow in small and large varieties. They are mild in flavor and add an interesting texture to Asian dishes.
  • Dried mushrooms have a more concentrated flavor than fresh. Always soak dried mushrooms in VERY hot water for 20 minutes or until soft before using. Do not use before rehydrating. Use mushrooms and strained broth in soups, sautés and stir-frys. Add to scrambled eggs or fold in crepes with cream sauce.

Wood Ear Mushrooms Recipes & Cooking Hints

  • Dried Wood Ear mushrooms are a very versatile mushroom because of their mild flavor and pleasant texture. These mushrooms can be eaten raw, blanched, boiled or even fried.
  • Wood Ear mushrooms are a favorite addition to Asian cuisine, often dried wood ear mushroomcombined with meat dishes, in stir-fry and soups such as the prevalent Chinese sweet and sour soup. This relatively flat mushroom is usually sliced in thin strips and added towards the end of the cooking process.
  • Wood Ear mushrooms contain protein, iron, potassium, magnesium.
  • Reconstituting: Dried wood ear mushrooms can be reconstituted by covering them with boiling water/broth and allowing the wood ear mushrooms to steep until they are soft, 12-15 minutes, or by added them to a simmering liquid 20 minutes before serving. Wood ear mushrooms will absorb the flavors of the foods they are cooked in.
  • Sautéed: Lightly sauté reconstituted wood ear mushrooms (and possibly shallots) in butter until tender, or for approximately four minutes.
  • Most wild mushrooms can be substituted into any recipe.

About Wood Ear Mushrooms

  • Fresh, or dried Wood Ear mushrooms, Auricularia Polytricha, have a dark brown to black color, no gills or stem, but may have a slightly fibrous spot on the underside of the mushroom where it attached to a wooden host. Wood Ear mushrooms are often found growing on willow, beech, walnut, elder and poplar trees.
  • This mushroom grows to a size of one to eight inches in diameter and is a native of Asia. Wood Ear's name comes from the mushroom's resemblance to an ear growing on a tree.
  • Medical benefits attributed to the wood ear mushroom include prevention of heart disease and it produces an anti-coagulant compound (blood finer) that inhibits blood clots.
  • Wild mushroom picking should be done only under the supervision of an expert who is absolutely certain they have an edible mushroom. Some mushrooms are poisonous, and some poisonous mushrooms can easily be misidentified as Wood ear.





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